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Maxine Green -
Fine Art, Portraits & Illustration
News Flash, Summer 2008:
I am now looking for a patron. If you, or anyone you know, are looking to make an investment, please take a look at my investor information page.
Also, since June I have been producing "Jim and Tonic, a webcomic by Maxine Green." If you haven't yet seen it, go and take a look!
About the artist:
I'm a painter, illustrator and portrait artist, currently living in London, England. I have been selling artwork since around 2003, both existing work and to commission, and I enjoy taking on new artistic challenges. I work from photographs by preference, so I can accept commissions from anywhere in the world.
I work mainly using acrylics, but I do like to mix my media, and also use pen and ink, pastels, graphite and coloured pencils, photoshop, and occasionally even nail varnish! I dislike watercolours, though, and anything that looks like one in my gallery is acrylic paint in disguise! My influences are numerous and varied, ranging from modern to classical styles and back again. Do check out the gallery for examples. Other interests include theatrical makeup, music, languages and science.
Much of the work featured on this website is available to buy. If you are interested either in purchasing an existing work, or a print, or commissioning a new one, please feel free to make contact.
If you are interested in seeing works in progress please see the links page.